Épidémie Dansante

May 14, 2022, Brussels: the guardian of the disco planet, starts to dance frantically. Another person soon follows; before long, they’ll be a horde, a crowd of bodies collapsing, getting up and palpitating until exhaustion. L’Épidémie Dansante: a colourful and strange delegation that intertwines with the audience and infects them little by little with a textile trance. A cacophonous psychosis made of reflective materials, plastics, paragliding fabrics, rims, and son on…. At the heart, at the very centre of everything, Epidémie Dansante unleashes a multi-faceted festive intoxication, interacting in all directions until its climax.

14th of may at 5pm at the Beurs

Facebook Vimeo © zinneke 2022