Are you itching to show people what you’re made of? Do you want to be noticed, not just seen? Are you looking for a creative space for a specific period of time? Do you feel like living in the city? Do you want to take over the streets for a day? Are you ready to reveal your uniqueness to the whole of Brussels? Then this might be of interest to you!

The non-profit organization Zinneke ASBL is launching a call for project for artists, artist collectives, crews, gangs, etc. from all disciplines who wish to inhabit, soak up and be inspired by the public space for this biennial and propose an artistic form.
The form is yours to choose, but it must meet the following requirements:

  • it must tie in with the theme of the biennial: ‘Trompe l’oeil / Gezichtsbedrog’
  • it must be a collective creation, not an individual project
  • it must be a free form (dance, performance, urban art, sculpture, route, writing, sound creation, painting, etc.)
  • it must be visible in some way on the day of the parade: 14 May 2022
    the encounter and/or the link with the city’s residents must be central to the proposed project
  • it must not already be part of a Zinnode of the 2022 edition
  • it must use materials in an eco-friendly way
    sensitivity to inclusion (in all its forms) will be considered an asset
    diversity of language, gender, origin, etc. should not be considered an obstacle
  • it must not be a Zinnode (see Zinneke website)

This call for projects aims to expand the possibilities of participating in the Zinneke Parade.

Zinneke champions a society, a city that values artists. The city as playground. Artists play an essential role in the construction and questioning of a society. We believe that a city thrives by forging links between the people who live there, thanks to creative dynamics that weave together all the different strands of the imagination.

Zinneke is a project that creates visible and invisible spaces for encounters, collaborations, cooperation and creation, setting up an artistic and social dynamic between residents, associations, schools and artists from the different neighbourhoods of Brussels and beyond.

  • A budget of €10,000 (including taxes) is foreseen (for remuneration, material, setting up workshops, travel, etc.). All expenses must be justified. Zinneke can help with the budget development and follow-up, and can also provide a stock of recycled materials and a workshop space during the entire creation period (MASUI). If necessary, the budget can be followed-up by an external expert.
    Applications must be sent by email to or by post to 13 place Masui, 1000 Brussels, no later than midnight on 13 January 2022. Don’t hold back on the presentation (audio, video, gif, photo, illustration, comic, slam, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), be inventive and be yourself. Please respect the sending formats (PDF, PNG, MP3 and AVI). The application form must contain: a presentation of your group, the artistic direction and your working method.
    The projects will be evaluated by an internal and external jury who will select only ONE PROJECT. You will receive a response by email at the end of January.

Information: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at or to call us on 02 214 20 05.

Facebook Vimeo © zinneke 2022